CPD - Continuing Professional Development unit
CSL - Clinical Skills Lab
CMS - Construction and Maintenance Section
CM - Contract Management
DCEPD - Directorate of Continuing Education and Professional Development
DLU - Distant Learning Unit
DQA - Directorate of Quality Assurance
ERU - External Relations Unit
HPE - Health Professions Education unit
HR - Human Resource
IRB - Institutional Review Board
IPU-   Intellectual Property Unit
GEM - Grounds and Environmental Maintenance Section
GM- Grants Management
GS - Games and Sports
DPI - Directorate of Planning and Investments
MIIT - Medical Illustration and Instructional Technology
PA - Personal Assistant
PM - Property Management
BA - Buildings Assessment
VAS - Valuation and Appraisal Section                  
RD - Research Development
RDLR - Recruitment, Discipline and Labour Relations
SBWMR - Salary, Benefits, Welfare, Motivation and Retention
SSB - Students Services Bureau
SLU - Student Loans Unit
TPAPP - Training, Planning, Appraisal, Policy and Procedures

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