Management Team

The Top Management
 1.  Vice Chancellor Prof. Andrea B. Pembe
2.  Deputy Vice Chancellor - Academics, Research and Consultancy Prof. Apollinary Kamuhabwa
3.  Deputy Vice Chancellor - Planning, Finance and Administration Prof. David Urassa
4.  Deputy Vice Chancellor - Hospital Services  Prof. Said Aboud

The Deans and Directors

1. Dean, School of Medicine Prof. Sylvia Kaaya
2. Dean, School of Dentistry Dr. Elison Simon
3. Dean, School of Pharmacy Prof. Godeliver Kagashe
4. Dean, School of Public Health and Social Sciences Dr. Rose Mpembeni
5. Dean, School of Nursing Dr. Edith Tarimo
6.  Dean of Students  Dr. Tumaini Nyamuhanga
7.  Director, Undergraduate Education  Prof. Mainen Moshi
8. Director, Postgraduate Studies Dr. Emmanuel Balandya
9. Director, Research and Publications Dr. Bruno Sunguya
10. Director, Continuing Education and Professional Development Dr. Doreen Mloka
11. Director, Library Services Dr. Mboni Rugezea
12. Director, Planning and Development, Mloganzila Campus Dr. Pilly Chilo
13. Director, Planning and Development, Muhimbili Campus Dr. Elia Mmbaga
14. Director, Information and Communication Technology Dr. Felix Sukums
15 Director, Human Resource Management and Administration Mr. Amos L. Nnko
16 Director, Quality Assurance Dr. Germana Leyna
17 Director, Finance Mr. Abdallah Mwaduga
18 Director, Estates Mr. Erick Kyejo
19 Director, Institute of Traditional Medicine Prof. Esther Innocent
20 Director, Institute of Allied Health Sciences Mr. Lalison Ndolele
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