Researchers Profile


 Area of Interest/Theme

Prof. Andrea Barnabas Pembe

Reproductive Health; Public Health; Maternal,  newborn and child health; implementation science; and clinical research in obstetrics and Gynaecology

Prof. Karim Prem Manji

Neonatal, Pediatric Nutrition, Pediatric Infectious Disease, Public Health Specialist, Autism and Neurodevelopment

Dr. Hendry R. Sawe

Trauma, Emergency Care Systems, mHealth and Acute presentations of chronic diseases (HIV & SCD)

Dr. Bruno Sunguya

Public Health Nutrition, Maternal and Child Health, Implementation Sciences, HIV research, Health System

Dr.Liberata Mwita

Bioinformatician, Biotechnologist

Prof. Eliangiringa A. Kaale

Laboratory Quality Management Systems,Medicine Regulatory Affairs,Analytical Methods and Technologies,Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

Dr. Nahya Salim Masoud

Vaccinology, Maternal and New-born health, Epidemiology specifically on Malaria, Helminths, Respiratory and other infectious diseases and leadership and Project management

Visiting Prof. Per Ole Iversen

 Normal and malignant hematopoiesis; sickle cell disease; nutritional status and support among vulnerable populations; maternal and child nutrition; the right to adequate food (as part of human rights)

Dr. Emmanuel C. Balandya Non-communicable diseases (Sickle Cell Anaemia,Diabetes Mellitus, Indoor Air Pollution), Communicable diseases (HIV/TB) and Health Education
Dr. Helga Elineema Naburi Neonatal care, Pediatric Infectious Disease, Public Health, Maternal, newborn and child health, Implementation science research.
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